Manless,” a brand-new web funny series, follows the humorous exploits of Fejiro (played by Bambama single woman identified to discover love in the city of Lagos.

After pursuing celibacy with her church partner FemiFejiro is stunned to understand he’s gotten another person from the choir pregnant. Undeterred, she sets out on a mission for love, sharing her experiences (and accidents) on her Tiktok page ‘Manless-in-Lagos.’

What follows is a wild trip as Fejiro dives headfirst into Lagos’ dirty dating waters. From mummy’s young boys and abundant alhajis to inspirational experts and couples thinking about ménage-a-Trois, Fejiro may have bitten way more than she can chew. Will she discover love in Lagos, or will she wind up alone?

Manless is a brand-new web series from Oma Areh’s WildPepper studios, starring Bamike Adenibuyan/ Bambam (BBNaija) and Bryan Okoye (Cheta’m, from Ikemefuna). Directed by Godwin Isakunlethe series premieres on WildPepper Studios on YouTube every Thursday from March 28th.

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