Various responses have actually tracked a post that was shared by a boy on the microblogging platform X which showcased what he filled his samosa with.

The user who determined as @fukmarr had actually shared an image of the treat as an innovative cooking concept that he simply thought about.

He had actually shared the dessert with a caption that checked out; “Nah believe I simply began something”

Wishing to get favorable actions from web users he got the opposite as they all bombarded him with humorous remarks and concerns.

While some questioned him if he was Ghanaian, others recommended him not to alter the method samosa has actually constantly been.

Below are a few of the remarks;

@TGM_007: If I bite into a samoosa and there’s a boiled egg in it everybody is getting slaps

@h666ris: If I bite into a samsosa and I see a boiled egg I will devote my life to eradicting your family

@asepkij: Take this to Ghana you owe me 20% of every sale.

@fcbcloudy: what is incorrect with y’ all amn like seriously what the real fuck id=snwrong with you individuals?

@daddyoyoyoo: you go open fish roll, na veggies dey inside, slice meat pie dey taste stew, con still open samosa see boiled egg. Pastries con resemble surprise pack this day.

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