WhatsApp is an end-to-end encrypted chat app, but those conversations can’t be protected if someone gains access to your phone or if you don’t lock the app with a password.

That’s where the Chat Lock feature can come in handy, a feature that WhatsApp introduced about a year ago. It’s especially useful if you combine it with a Secret Code that makes those sensitive chats disappear from the app unless you enter the code into the search bar.

But what about other devices? You connect to WhatsApp on Mac, PC, and tablets. The good news is that all your chats will be available on those devices, and they’ll continue to be encrypted. However, the Chat Lock feature isn’t available anywhere but in the mobile app.

WhatsApp is aware of this glaring security issue of its own making, and it’s working on bringing the Chat Lock feature to linked devices you might be using with WhatsApp.

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If you use Chat Lock on WhatsApp, those chats will be placed into a password-protected locked folder at the top of the screen.

Anyone with access to the handset would be able to see that you lock chats on your phone.

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