“Solar beam inbound!”

Image: The Pokémon Company, First 4 Figures

If you’ve ever desired an enormous Venusaur Charging Light, you’re now in luck. The Pokémon Company has today revealed this Pokémon Center special for $299.99

It weighs appoximately 6 pounds (2.7 kg) and determines about “7 3/4 inches high by 10 inches broad by 9 inches deep” (19.5 cm high by 25.5 cm broad by 23 cm deep). It’s offered to consumers found in the United States, Canada, and the UK.

Here’s some more details about this Venusaur Charing Light from the Pokémon Center site:

“Rising from the ground, puffs of purple gas surround Venusaur in a hazardous cloud! Pokémon Center has actually coupled with First 4 Figures to develop this restricted edition figure including premium-quality shaped information and a spectacular LED function that illuminate the rippling gas with a warm, lovely radiance. The figure’s plus size and vibrant presenting make certain to stick out and end up being a focal point of any Pokémon or figure collection.”

– Each figure is hand-marked with an edition number varying from 0001/1050 to 1050/1050
– Beautiful light-up results can be powered by USB and triggered with the push of a button
– Detailed toned gas clouds increasing from a durable base
– Colorful paint and dynamic present stick out in a collection
– Designed by Pokémon Center, made by First 4 Figures

This enormous light will be offered while products last and is approximated to be provided in 5-9 organization days. If you desire it, get it while you can!

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