Sonos’ best speaker, shipped from Sonos direct with a full warranty


Apr 4, 2024 12:05 am


Apr 4, 2024 12:00 am

Sonos doesn’t discount its popular speakers very often, so it’s a wise investment to jump on a good sale whenever you see one. Right now Sonos is offering a factory refurbished Sonos Arc SL soundbar for $509.00. That’s $170 less than the regular price for a refurb Sonos Arc SL (the Sonos Arc SL is no longer sold new; a brand new Sonos Arc sells for $899). We picked Sonos as our best soundbar of 2023. Sonos speakers are very easy to set up, are compact, and most importantly, offer great room-filling audio.

Refurb Sonos Arc SL Soundbar for $509


Sonos Arc SL Soundbar

The Arc is Sonos’ flagship product. This is a premium soundbar and it shows. You can’t get much better in terms of sound quality from a soundbar, and that’s thanks to its chunkier 45″ length. There’s enough space in there to contain eleven precisely engineered internal speakers, including two dedicated height channels. It’s Dolby Atmos ready, and there’s enough power here that you can probably get away without a subwoofer. However, the Sonos Arc can be wirelessly paired up with other Sonos speakers and subs to add even more sound distribution. This modularity is one of the main reasons why Sonos is so popular. It has other nifty features, like an ambient light sensor, HDMI eARC, capacitive touch controls, WiFi, and more.

The “SL” in the Sonos Arc SL means “silence”, and that’s because the only difference is the lack of a microphone. Because of that, SL is not Google Assistant or Alex voice compatible. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing; in fact people who are worried about Alexa or Google Assistant inadvertantly listening in on conversation will probably see this as a bonus.

Sonos refurb products go through pretty rigorous testing (probably more so than new). They come with all accessories, manuals, and documentation and are reshipped in “pristine” packaging. Most importantly of all, Sonos stands by their refurbs enough to grant them the same 1 year warranty as buying new.

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