Tech magnate Bryan Johnson is defying the anti-aging status quo with an anti-aging way of life and declares he has actually had the ability to reverse his biological age with Project Blueprint-a program of stringent diet plan, supplements, and treatments.

One part of Project Blueprint, now for sale and priced at $1, is a stack including a beverage mix, protein, 8 tablets, snake oil, 67 powerful treatments, and 400 calories-all based upon robust scientific proof.

At simply $343 for a month’s supply, Johnson promotes the stack as an economical option to junk food, comparing its advantages to “2nd just to Mother’s milk.”

The stack is suggested to be a supplements, not a replacement, with Johnson encouraging users to replace 400 calories of their day-to-day consumption with the Blueprint stack.

A previous Silicon Valley executive, Johnson is stated to have actually been dealing with concerns associated with anti-aging and declares to have actually rolled back his body clock by over 5 years, pointing out enhanced markers of health. Greatly bought Project Blueprint are diet plan, medical oversight, treatments, and workout.

The truth that Project Blueprint is successful within this context and network of entities, besides the worldwide body, speaks volumes versus “the absence of clinical agreement” concerning its efficiency, particularly with its high yearly price: $2 million.

Johnson’s item ships to 23 nations, consisting of the USA, Australia, Canada, European countries, and the UAE, making it available to the international market.

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