Minnie Driver has actually declared there was a sexist factor manufacturers disallowed her from using a wetsuit.

The starlet stated she was pressed into going without a wetsuit under her clothes while shooting her 1998 catastrophe motion picture Hard Rain.

“It’s set throughout this huge storm, there were substantial rain devices. We shot insane hours. It was difficult,” Minnie, 54, informed Jameela Jamil on her I Weigh podcast.

“Everybody else might use a wetsuit beneath their outfit, and I was informed by the manufacturers that I could not since they wished to see my nipples, which there was no point in having the damp tee shirt if you could not have what was below it.”

Minnie stated when she questioned manufacturers, she was made to seem like “a moron”– however after she called her representative to discuss what was taking place, she discovered herself being omitted on set.

“I keep in mind calling my representative. I then remember it resembling, boy, individuals would not talk to me on the set. I was so penalized for it,” she declared.

“It was dripped to journalism that I called and grumbled about conditions, however it was as if there was absolutely nothing to grumble about and I was simply grumbling.”

The film’s client designer Kathleen Detoro informed Entertainment Weekly, “the manufacturers had me provide everybody consisting of team members with wetsuits”. She included that “the stars choose if they wish to use it or not”.

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