After exposing the cast of The Fantastic Four In February, Marvel Studios has actually apparently discovered one of the group’s foils. On Wednesday, Due date reported that Julia Garner will play the Silver Surfer in the upcoming comics motion picture.

More particularly, Garner– who increased to popularity as Ruth Langmore in Netflix’s police procedural series Ozark — will play Shalla-Bal, Empress of Zenn-La and the enthusiast of Norrin Radd, who is the Silver Surfer in the comics. Ultimately, she gets the Power Cosmic also, approving her the exact same capabilities as Radd as she joins him as a Herald of Galactus.

It’s unclear how Marvel Studios prepares to square all of this in the motion picture, however I ‘d threat a guess that they’ll merely switch the functions, making Shalla-Bal the main Silver Surfer.

Garner signs up with Pedro Pascal as Mister Fantastic, Vanessa Kirby as Invisible Woman, Ebon Moss-Bachrach as the important things, and Joseph Quinn as the Human Torch. Jeff Kaplan and Ian Springer composed the script, and Matt Shakman (WandaVisionwill direct.

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The Fantastic Four is set to start shooting this summer season, with the release date set for July 25, 2025. It will be the very first entry of Phase Six in the MCU, establishing the grand ending of Avengers 5 (formerly The Kang Dynastyand Avengers: Secret Wars

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