Vincent Martins Otsecommonly referred to as VeryDarkMan has actually continued his ‘advocacy’ on social networks which is targeted towards sending to prison the transgender, Bobrisky.

VDM has actually simply been launched from cell on Sunday where he invested 9 days. He was apprehended due to a claims he made that the leading cops authorities were sleeping with Bobrisky which’s why they disregarded to his ‘gay’ atrocities.

It is then stunning to see that VeryDarkMan has actually gone back to his self-conceived conspiracies on why the transgender is still a complimentary male wandering the streets.

On this brand-new video he made, he was heard stating,

“Staying in the cell is a little cost to pay to right the wrongs in the society due to the fact that I am going to have kids in this nation and I will not permit individuals like Bobrisky adversely affect the upcoming generation … I will still state it, somebody at the top is knacking Bobrisky, if not, he would have been detained … una go apprehend me tire.” (non verbatim)

VeryDarkMan even more stated that considering that it was stated that crossdressing is not prohibited in the nation, he would go to specific locations to show his own ‘womanly’ acts.

Which he would begin utilizing the female toilets in public so everybody can be mad together.

See the video listed below,

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