The next short article in our series of highest-paid professional athletes is this guide to the leading 20 highest-paid Major League Baseball (MLB) gamers. The substantial appeal of baseball in the United States and around the globe, integrated with the appeal of professional athletes as people and brand names, are main chauffeurs of their high incomes.

From million-dollar incomes to five-figure recommendation agreements, the highest-paid MLB gamers definitely take pleasure in the rewarding advantages of the league.

These figures are a testimony to their enormous marketability and influence on the MLB franchise in basic. And in this guide, we’ll attempt to compare and examine the revenues of the very best of the very best. Join us on the journey of discovering the financial resources and net worth of these exceptional professional athletes and people.

Leading 20 Highest Paid MLB Players in 2023-24

These twenty excellent professional athletes and public figures have actually had extremely various professions. A few of them have actually been betting the exact same group their whole MLB profession, whereas others have actually experienced numerous transfers. Let’s learn more about them.


20. Carlos Rodon

Incomes, 2023: $27.8 million

In the twentieth area, we have the New York Yankees pitcher Carlos Rodon. The 31-year-old Miami native signed up with the Yankees in December 2022, having signed a $162 million agreementHe formerly bet the San Francisco Giants for one season and the Chicago White Sox for 6 seasons. He likewise bet the United States in a number of global competitors.

Rodon’s revenues in 2023 amounted to $27.8 million. His existing net worth is approximated to be $10 million.

19. Kris Bryant

Incomes, 2023: $28 million

Number nineteen on this list is the 32-year-old 3rd baseman and outfielder Kris Bryant. The Colorado Rockies gamer signed up with the group in 2022 for 7 years in an agreement worth $182 million. Formerly, KB bet the San Francisco Giants for 1 season and the Chicago Cubs for 6 years (2015-2021).

In 2023, Kris Bryant supposedly made $28 million. His approximate net worth is thought to be $20 million, thanks to his Rockies revenues and recommendation handle GoPro and Adidas, among others.

18. Jose Altuve


Incomes, 2023: $29.2 million

The fastest MLB gamer and the very first Houston Astros professional athlete on this list takes the eighteenth area. 33-year-old Venezuelan Jose Altuve is 5’6″ and has actually been betting the Houston Astros for his whole MLB profession given that 2011. The Astros 2nd baseman likewise represents his home nation of Venezuela in worldwide competitors.

Altuve made $29.2 million in 2023, according to USA TodayHis reported net worth in 2024 is $60 million. In addition to his Astros wage, he earns money from recommendation handle brand names like New Balance and Chevrolet.

17. Alex Bregman

Profits, 2023: $30.5 million

Another Houston Astros star on our list is the 3rd baseman Alex Bregman. The 29-year-old Albuquerque local has actually been with the group considering that 2016, having actually gotten a finalizing bonus offer of $5.9 million upon signing up with the Houston-based group

Bregman supposedly made $30.5 million in 2023, including his wage and recommendations from brand names like Adidas and eBay. His net worth is thought to be $50 millionsince 2024.

16. Juan Soto

Incomes, 2023: $31 million

In the sixteenth area, we have another New York Yankees male– the 25-year-old Juan SotoThe Dominican outfielder signed up with the Yankees in December 2023 for a 1 year agreement after one year with the San Diego Padres.

Soto is thought to have actually made $31 million in 2023. He gets recommendation incomes from Under Armour, Quickbooks, and a variety of other brand names. His net worth is approximated to be $10 million.


15. Blake Snell

Incomes, 2023: $32 million

Since recently, Blake Snell belongs to the San Francisco Giants, who he signed up with after signing a $62 million two-year agreementThe relocation follows Snell’s three-year profession with the San Diego Padres, where the 31-year-old Seattle native played as a pitcher.

In 2023, Snell made $32 millionincluding his income and recommendations. Sportskeeda quotes his net worth to be $40-50 million.

14. Giancarlo Stanton


Incomes, 2023: $32.6 million

In fourteenth location, we have the 3rd Yankees male on our list– outfielder Giancarlo Stanton. The 34-year-old signed up with the New York Yankees in 2018 after 8 years with the Miami Marlins. He likewise represented the United States on a worldwide level.

Stanton’s reported revenues for 2023 totaled up to $32.6 million. That consisted of $36 million in income and $600,000 in recommendations from brand names like Nike and T-Mobile, to name a few. Stanton’s reported net worth is $40 million.

13. Miguel Cabrera


Profits, 2023: $32.8 million (retired)

He retired in 2023, Detroit Tigers’ Miguel Cabrera still made a reasonable quantity of cash in 2015 in his goodbye season. The 40-year-old very first and 2nd baseman, designated player, and outfielder very first signed up with the Tigers in 2008 after 5 years with the Florida Marlins.

In 2023, Cabrera made $32.8 millionconsisting of $32 million in wage and $750,000 in recommendation offers. His reported net worth is presently around $145 million.

12. Bryce Harper

Incomes, 2023: $33.2 million

The twelfth MLB gamer in our ranking is the 31-year-old 1B, DH, and outfielder Bryce Harper. He’s been betting the Philadelphia Phillies considering that 2019, which he participated an agreement worth $45 million, after 7 seasons with the Washington Nationals.

Harper made $33.2 million in 2023, according to SporticoHis income totaled up to $26.2 millionand his recommendation offers were $7 millionHe has handle brand names like Under Armour and ESPN Media. Harper’s reported net worth in 2024 is $100 million.

11. Stephen Strasburg

Revenues, 2023: $33.6 million

The very first and just Washington Nationals gamer on our list is the 35-year-old pitcher Stephen StrasburgHe’s been betting the Nationals because 2010 and was likewise on the United States nationwide group before that.

Strasburg is reported to be retiring in the future. In 2023, he made $33.6 million in 2023. The majority of this cash was wage, with just $50,000 in recommendations. His net worth is approximated to be $100 million.


These 10 professional athletes actually knock it out of the park. Let’s discover more about them.

10. Nolan Arenado


Revenues, 2023: $35 million

Opening our leading 10 is the 32-year-old St Louis Cardinals 3B Nolan Arenado. Having signed up with the Cardinals in 2021 in a six-player handle an agreement worth $51 million, Arenado has actually been with them since. He formerly bet Kris Bryant’s group, the Colorado Rockies, for 7 seasons and was likewise on the United States nationwide baseball group.

Arenado made $35 million in 2023including his wage and recommendations from Nike and Rawlings. His approximate net worth in 2024 is $50 million

9. Carlos Correa

Profits, 2023: $37 million

29-year-old Minnesota Twins shortstop Carlos Correa has actually been with the Minneapolis group considering that 2022, having at first signed with them for $105.3 million and re-signed in 2023 for $200 million Before that, he had seven effective seasons with the Houston Astros and played in the nationwide group of Puerto Rico.

Correa apparently made $37 million in 2023 $36 million of which was wage and $1 million in recommendation earnings. He has handle Adidas and H-E-B, to name a few. Correa’s reported net worth is $50 million

8. Corey Seager


Profits, 2023: $37.5 million

Another shortstop on our list is the 29-year-old Texas Rangers gamer Corey Seagerwho is 8th in our ranking. He signed up with the Rangers in 2022 in a 10-year offer worth $325 millionafter 7 seasons with the LA Dodgers.

The year 2023 brought Seager $37.5 million in revenues, which can be broken down as follows:

  • $35.5 million in wage
  • $2 million in recommendations from Adidas, BMW, and T-Mobile, to name a few.

Seager’s reported net worth is roughly $50 million.

7. Gerrit Cole

Profits, 2023: $37.5 million

The 4th Yankees guy on our list is pitcher Gerrit ColeThe 33-year-old signed up with the New York group in December 2019, having actually signed a nine-year agreement worth $324 million. Prior to signing up with the Yankees, Cole had 2 seasons with the Houston Astros.

Unlike numerous MLB gamers on the list, Cole just has one recommendation agreement from Rawlings. He made $1.5 million from that agreement in 2023 and $36 million in income, amounting to $37.5 million His net worth is thought to be $50 million.

6. Anthony Rendon

Profits, 2023: $38.3 million

The Los Angeles Angels’ Anthony Rendon has the 6th area. The 33-year-old 3B has actually been with the California group given that December 2019, when he signed a substantial $245 million agreementPrior to that, Rendon bet the Washington Nationals for 7 seasons.

A lion’s share of Rendon’s earnings in 2023 ($38.3 million) originates from his income. His reported net worth is $40 million


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5. Mike Trout


Profits, 2023: $40.5 million

The highest-paid Los Angeles Angels gamer of 2023 is number 5 on our list. 32-year-old center fielder Mike Trout is thought about among the very best gamers of his generation. He signed up with the Angels in 2011 and restored his agreement in 2019 for $426 million. Trout was likewise the captain of the United States National Team in the 2023 WBC.

Trout made $40.5 million in 2023comprised of $35.5 million in wage and $5 million in recommendations. He has handle Nike, Land Rover and Subway, in addition to some others. Trout’s approximated net worth in 2024 is $140 million.

4. Aaron Judge


Revenues, 2023: $44 million

In 4th location, we have the New York Yankees outfielder Aaron Judge. The 31-year-old Californian giant signed up with the MLB in 2016, with the Yankees being his very first and just group to date.

In 2023, Judge made $44 million, consisting of an income of $40 million, and endorsement handle brand names like NikeOakley, and Hulu, among others. Judge’s 2024 reported net worth is $55 million.

3. Justin Verlander


Incomes, 2023: $44.5 million

The earliest MLB gamer on our list is the 41-year-old Houston Astros pitcher Justin VerlanderThe pitcher initially signed up with the Texas group in 2017 however left in 2022 for the New York Mets ($86.7 million agreement. He then went back to the Astros in 2023. Verlander likewise formerly represented the United States on a worldwide level.

Verlander made $44.5 million in 2023the lion’s share of which is reported to have actually originated from his income of $43.5 million. The rest originated from his recommendation handle Under Armour, Rawlings, and other brand names. Verlander’s net worth is thought to be $150 million.

2. Max Scherzer

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Profits, 2023: $60.8 million

If these rankings consisted of income just, Max Scherzer would be at the extremely leading, with his $58.8 million 2023 Texas Rangers wageWe likewise think about recommendations as revenues, which is why the 39-year-old pitcher is in 2nd location.

He does have recommendation offers with Nike and Rawlings, Scherzer just made $2 million in recommendation profits in 2015. His existing net worth is thought to be $120 million.

Scherzer began in the MLB with the Arizona Diamondbacks in 2008 and after that went on to bet the Detroit Tigers (2010-2014), Washington Nationals (2015-2021), LA Dodgers (2021 ), New York Mets (2022 ), and lastly, Texas RangersHe signed up with the Rangers in 2023.

1. Shohei Ohtani


Revenues, 2023: $70 million

The really leading of this ranking is inhabited by none aside from the Japanese baseball legend Shohei Ohtani. Commonly thought about the biggest gamer of perpetuity given that Babe Ruth, Ohtani is definitely going far for himself, both in Japan and the United States.

The 29-year-old pitcher and DH began his baseball profession in 2013, betting the Japanese Nippon Professional Baseball league group, the Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters.

In 2017, Ohtani signed up with the Los Angeles Angels, where he remained till completion of 2023. In December in 2015, Ohtani signed an agreement to sign up with the LA DodgersThe $700 million 10-year offer is the biggest handle expert sport in history.

Ohtani just got a $30 million wage with the Angels, his recommendation earnings in 2023 far gone beyond that quantity at $40 million. That had actually brought his overall 2023 incomes as much as $70 million and made him the sixteenth-highest-paid professional athlete in 2023

He has recommendation handle Oakley, Seiko, and Hugo Boss, to call simply a couple of brand names from his portfolio. Ohtani’s net worth in 2024 is thought to be $50 million.

Ohtani’s profits are really outstanding. We do not understand how these figures will stack up in 2024. Ohtani’s fellow compatriot and brand-new colleague Yoshinobu Yamamotowho’s making his MLB launching in 2024, is anticipated to make $60 millionincluding his finalizing bonus offer of $50 million.

Which MLB Team Pays one of the most?


Since 2023, the best-paying MLB group is the New York City MetsNone of the gamers on our list are playing for the Mets, their record-breaking opening day payroll was $353.55 million in 2023.

The Mets are followed by their fellow New York group– the Yankees, that includes 5 gamers on our list. Their opening day payroll totaled up to $277 million. The San Diego Padres, which is the previous home of Juan Soto and Blake Snell, had $249 million.

Who Is the Highest-Paid MLB Player of All Time?

Mr. Ohtani is the highest-paid MLB gamer in 2023, the honor of being the highest-paid MLB gamer of all time belongs to a Yankees guy.

Shortstop Alex Rodriguez retired in 2016 after 22 effective years in the league. According to Sportico, Rodriguez is the twentieth-highest-paying professional athlete and the highest-paid baseball gamer of perpetuity. Since 2023, his inflation-adjusted profits totaled up to $775 million ($530 million non-adjusted).

Rodriguez is carefully followed by another Yankees male Derek Jeterwho retired from the MLB in 2014. Jeter’s inflation-adjusted incomes totaled up to $670 millionsince 2023.

Last Thoughts

Baseball is certainly a preferred activity amongst numerous Americans, in addition to individuals outside the United States. Numerous gamers noted in our guide are more than professional athletes– they’re business owners, benefactors, and pillars of their neighborhood. Not to point out, they’re outstanding good example for boys today.

We hope that you enjoyed our dive into the profits of the creme de la creme of MLB, and we eagerly anticipate seeing these gamers set much more records– both on and off the pitch.


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