On Sunday, O Panneerselvam, the previous Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu and an expelled leader of AIADMK, got the ‘jackfruit’ sign for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections in the Ramanathapuram constituency. The District Collectorate in Ramanathapuram held a lottery game on Saturday to allocate the sign.

On Sunday, Panneerselvam, who objected to as an independent prospect, happily showed the ‘jackfruit’ sign at a public conference in Thiruvadanai to officially reveal the allocation.

Worried over the Madras High Court decision, OPS signed up with the BJP and is now objecting to as an independent.

After a draw at the district collectorate on Saturday, Panneerselvam’s electoral fight versus 4 other prospects bearing his name in Ramanathapuram acquired the sign of ‘jackfruit’.

MP Ravindjson, Senkai Rajan, the Union Secretary of Thiruvadanai, and other crucial members of the BJP and Alliance celebrations went to the function.

Considerably increasing his intents to object to as an independent prospect, Panneerselvam submitted his election with Ramanathapuram District Collector P. Vishnu Chandran on Monday, March 18. Tamil Nadu has 39 constituencies in the Lok Sabha, and all of these will go to the surveys in one stage on April 19. In the basic elections of 2019, the DMK-led Secular Progressive Alliance had an upper edge throughout 38 of the 39 constituencies.

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