(UPDATE) PRESIDENTIAL Adviser for Poverty Alleviation Larry Gadon sent to Congress a letter recommending modifications to some political arrangements of the 1987 Constitution, consisting of the extension of regards to regional authorities.

The letter was resolved to Senate President Juan Miguel Zubiri anAd House Speaker Ferdinand Martin Romualdez.

“Certain political arrangements have actually shown to be expensive and redundant, and modifying them might cause enhanced governance and higher advantages for individuals,” Gadon stated, including he was making the recommendations as a person and not as governmental advisor for hardship relief.

He recommended extending the regard to regional authorities to 6 years, consisting of House members, guvs, vice guvs, board members, mayors, vice mayors and councilors, while keeping the term limitation for the president, vice president and senators.

He stated this would lead to substantial cost savings as elections would be held every 6 years rather of 3.

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“Synchronizing regional and nationwide elections, other than for Barangay and SK (youth council) elections, would boost governance connection,” Gadon included.

Under the 1987 Constitution, House members are provided a regard to 3 years, and they can serve for 3 successive terms, while senators are provided a six-year term and can dish out to 2 successive terms.

The president and vice president get six-year terms, however the president is disallowed from reelection. The vice president might have 2 successive terms.

Gadon likewise recommended increasing the variety of senators to 48 from 24 “to improve performance.”

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