Caterpillar has actually included brand-new boosted style functions to its PM300 cold planer series to enhance efficiency, running convenience, and milling power. The series, that includes the PM310, PM312, and PM313 cold planers, fits well for little to medium utilizes thanks to its compact, maneuverable, and high-production abilities.

The Cat C9.3 B engine incorporated into the brand-new designs increases gross power and enhances torque, based upon basic efficiency rankings. The C9.3 B is readily available in setups that fulfill U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final and EU Stage V setups, along with others It includes lower intricacy and enhanced electronic, fuel, and air systems. Simpler access to engine oil filters streamlines upkeep, while multipiece, cartridge-style engine filters decrease waste and lower replacement expenses.

Shift flashing in between the main and packing conveyors has actually been revamped to enhance containment of product and decrease accumulation on the front maker frame. Enhancements to the right-hand side plate even more consist of product, as do chamber-to-conveyor sealing, and filling conveyor belt sealing. Front track deflectors placed in front of the drive motors provide extra defense from particles effect and accumulation, enhancing life span.

The PM310, PM312, and PM313 cold planers are compact and maneuverable for usage on a range of task websites.


An adjustable on-screen assistance line function has actually been contributed to the left-hand video camera, providing operators the capability to track the cutting edge from either side of the maker. In addition, ground workers can manage the challenge dive ability from the rear ground controls.

LED working and roading light choices are readily available to enhance security and presence throughout milling and transport around the task website. An exhaust deflector choice can be stowed when not in usage, and when released redirects tire far from structures and ground workers. Optional dust reduction ducting has actually been revamped to enhance sealing and suction.

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