We enjoy making a weekend job out of a sophisticated cake or pasty, however having a couple of simple dessert dishes all set to fire is important for pleasing abrupt sugar yearnings or for when you understand–eep!— you forgot the last course while your supper celebration visitors are en pathFor circumstances like these, we turn to something semi-homemade (faster ways are essential) or otherwise no-fuss: ice cream made in a resealable plastic bagapples just cut in half and baked up until soft and warm, or pastries that make the most out of our preferred freezer staple (spoiler: It’s frozen puff pastry.

In this collection of simple dessert dishes, we’re asking the crucial concerns: Why fuss over flaky pastry when you can make a press-in cookie crust in a portion of the time? Why utilize more than one bowl to blend cake batter? Why churn ice cream from scratch when you might make cool, calm, gathered semifreddoScroll on for your brand-new preferred fast, simple, and scrumptious desserts.

  • A piece of olive oil cake getting more olive oil sprinkled on top.

    Picture by Alex Lau

    Olive Oil Cake

    This simple dessert dish requires little accessory, however if you’re making it for spring, spoon chopped strawberries on the top and include a huge dollop of crème fraîche.

  • Picture by Alex Lau, food styling by Rebecca Jurkevich

    Matcha-Dipped Strawberries

    Mentioning strawberries, dip the fresh fruit– you do not even need to eliminate the stems– into a mix of white chocolate and matchaspray with sesame seeds, and dessert is done.

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