Which Dodge Cars & SUVs Have A Gen 3 Hemi Under The Hood?

Which Dodge Cars & SUVs Have A Gen 3 Hemi Under The Hood?

For fans of V8 engines, it was rather frustrating to discover that Stellantis would be terminating its line of Hemi engines after the 2024 design year. These hemispherical engines have actually been a staple of many popular lorries given that the early 1950s— initially under the name FirePower– however the desire for car manufacturers to make big V8 engines is decreasing due to a push to be more effective and ecologically mindful. Stellantis is lastly moving into the electrical automobile market in the 2025 design year, and beyond that, it is slowly spreading its Hurricane I-6 engine throughout its brand namesThere was simply no longer area to have Hemis as a choice.

Stellantis owns business like Jeep, Ram, and Chrysler and had actually been utilizing Hemi V8 engines of numerous displacement sizes in lorries from each of those producers. Another business that Stellantis owns where Hemis were extensive is Dodge. With the range of efficiency lorries that it makes, Dodge was the ideal location for these outstanding V8 engines, and the 3rd and last generation of Hemis discovered themselves in 5 various designs from the brand name.

That might not appear like lots of, however when you think about all the efficiency bundles that each design provided which every displacement size Hemi made was an alternative for a minimum of among those bundles, Dodge was the location to be for a Hemi. Let’s go back to 2003, the very first year of the last generation of Hemis, and see simply which Dodge automobiles you might get one of those signature hemispherical engines in.

The Challenger

The very first Dodge Challenger ever made was for the 1970 design year, the muscle automobile had actually not been in production for 25 years prior to the revival of its third-generation design in 2008. Dodge brought the Challenger back as the SRT8 design, which is brief for Street and Racing Technology, and it began its brand-new life with a 6.1 L Hemi V8 beneath the hood, offering it 425 horse power and 420 lb-ft of torque.

One year later on, Dodge would likewise make the Challenger as an R/T design, suggesting a Road and Track efficiency plan, however rather of the 6.1 L engine, the business would make use of a 5.7 L Hemi V8. Not rather as effective as the SRT8 variation, the Challenger R/T might still produce 372 horse power and 401 lb-ft of torque. That contrast point would alter rather quickly though, since in the 2011 design year, the 6.1 L Hemi in the SRT8 was changed with the even bigger 6.4 L Hemi that would increase its horse power and torque to 470 each.

The Challenger and Hemi’s relationship didn’t stop there. 2 various 6.2 L Hemis were established: the Hellcat and the Demon. Came the supercharged SRT Hellcat in 2015 that might provide a remarkable 707 horse power, which would be overshadowed in 2018 with the SRT Demon at 840 horse power. If you believe that’s a lot, the 2023 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon might provide 1,025 horse powerWhat a method to head out.

The Charger

Like the Challenger, the Dodge Charger had a hiatus from production for around twenty years before the business brought it back in 2006. With its return, Dodge instantly made it part of the Hemi householdA Hemi was not the basic engine you were getting with the base design of a 2006 Charger, which would be a 2.7 L V6. Rather, you would require to get higher-priced efficiency bundles like the R/T and SRT8 designs.

Comparable to the Challenger, the R/T design would feature a 5.7 L Hemi, and the SRT8 would choose the 6.1 L variation. In the body of a Charger, the power output wasn’t rather as high for the R/T trim as the Challenger, creating 340 horse power, however it matched the Challenger with the SRT8 at 425 horse power. That 6.1 L would likewise be changed by the 6.4 L Hemi and up its output to 470 horse power, though Dodge would do this for the 2012 design year instead of 2011 as it finished with the Challenger.

The Dodge Challenger would be the only design that would get the Demon variation, however the 2015 design year still saw the Charger get the SRT Hellcat design with a 6.2 L Hemi, and in 2021, it would get a Hellcat Redeye, too. The previous would get you 707 horse power, while the supercharged Redeye increased that to 797 horse power. In between the Challenger and Charger, Dodge was making a few of the fastest production automobiles on the marketplace, nearly no matter which Hemi was below the hood.

The Durango

Hemi engines were not made just for muscle vehicles. They were primarily being utilized for trucks and SUVS, big lorries that required a lot of power. You might not instantly associate an SUV with Dodge, as its muscle vehicles are so fancy, however the midsize Dodge Durango has actually belonged to the Dodge lorry lineup given that the 1998 design year. It might not be amongst the very popular SUVs in the United States, however there’s plainly still a market for them.

The Durango was rather fast to carry out Hemi engines into its alternatives, beginning with the 2004 design year that began the car’s 2nd generation. The basic engine on many trims of the SUV was a 4.7 L V8 from the Magnum-PowerTech line, however the 5.7 L Hemi was offered as a choice for every single bundle, other than for the base SXT, which didn’t even use the 4.7 L V8 as requirement. Rather, it chose a 3.7 L V6. With the Hemi, the Durango might get you 335 horse power and 370 lb-ft of torque, which is more than pleasing for a big SUV.

In what is maybe a rather unexpected relocation, 2021 saw Dodge offer the Durango the SRT Hellcat treatment with the 6.2 L Hemi engine. Now, you might take this SUV and kick things up a notch to get an output of 710 horse power and 645 lb-ft of torque. What was as soon as a strong household lorry was now an effective monster.

The Magnum

Every car discussed so far is still being made by Dodge, although future designs will no longer have Hemi engines. The mid-2000s saw Dodge restoring old automobiles left and right, and while the Challenger and Charger exercised after years of being gone, the revival of the Dodge Magnum station wagon for the 2005 design year was not rather as effective as the muscle vehicles. This was a car that had not remained in production because 1988, which remained in Mexico. In the United States, it had actually been gone considering that 1979 after simply 2 years of production. This revival lasted a little bit longer, however the Magnum was stopped after 2008.

Like the previous lorries discussed, the Hemi was offered in the Magnum’s R/T cut with a 5.7 L V8 and the SRT8 trim with a 6.1 L V8. These might get you 340 horse power and 425 horse power, respectively, positioning it ideal together with the Challenger and Charger. Unlike those designs, the Magnum did not last enough time in production to be offered the 6.1 L or 6.4 L upgrades, however it most likely would have if it was still being made. Plus, this is the very first of the cars to not have a scandal sheet like the Hellcat or Demon. The Magnum station wagon appeared with a Hemi and silently left not too long after.

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The Ram pickup

The Ram truck brand name has actually been its own branch of Chrysler for lots of years now, it was still part of Dodge back when the 3rd generation of Hemi V8 engines were presented. Making things even more crucial, the Ram pickup were the very first cars to get these brand-new engines, beginning with the 5.7 L Hemi V8, which was a choice for the 2003 Dodge Ram 1500. Off the bat, it would get you 345 horse power. That engine would likewise be readily available for the 2500 and 3500 designs in 2003, while the Chassis Cab 3500 would get it as its basic engine in 2007.

The Dodge Ram trucks would not embrace the 6.1 L or 6.4 L Hemi designs; nevertheless, that does not suggest that there would not be a Hellcat offered, which struck the scene with the 2021 Ram 1500 TRX. This intro took place after Ram had actually currently broken off from Dodge to become its own thing in 2009. You might not understand this truck has the Hellcat engine since Ram does not call it as such, as the Hellcat branding stays unique to Dodge.

While Dodge and Ram were still one brand name prior to 2009, just the 5.7 L Hemi V8 was ever utilized in one of its pickup trucks. The Ram 1500 might have been the very first to utilize the third-generation Hemi, however it was likewise the most minimal in regards to offered alternatives.

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